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Editxpress provides a comprehensive range of services at a number of levels. The areas listed here and on the rates page are a guide to what we do and to the charges that each service attracts. Through consultation with our clients we guarantee that a satisfactory level of edit is reached for the right price.

We also provide copy-editing, copy-writing and translation. Both the level of service and price are negotiable depending on the difficulty or length of the work.

At editxpress we aim to provide you with the exact service that you require. We will find an editor who meets your needs and who will stay in contact with you. Editxpress will help you produce a document that makes perfect sense.

We offer our range of services to students at competitive rates. If you think your grades suffer due to poor spelling, expression or grammatical errors we can help you express your ideas, giving you the edge to achieve the marks you deserve.

At editxpress we understand that 'publish or be damned' has increasing significance in the academic world. We provide high quality editing, proof-reading and translation services for: Masters and Doctoral theses; journal articles; books; chapters; conference presentations; websites, etc.

It may be a poem, a play, non-fiction, a film script or a novel. If you want your manuscript proof-read, edited or you need an independent opinion before you submit to an agent or publisher, editxpress can provide you with the expertise you require. Editxpress can help you realise your talent through fast, quality editing and practical advice.

Editxpress has extensive experience in composing and editing corporate media for a variety of businesses. We excel at ensuring all your documents are as accessible as they are informative. Our services can save you time and money. We take care of the small details, leaving you to do what you do best.

Scientific and Technical
Whether it's for professional presentation, publication or a student report or essay, editxpress can help you. We ensure that your theories and practical results are presented succinctly and with the finesse they deserve. We provide specialist scientific and technical editors who understand what you are saying and who can help you say it better.

Editxpress provides its full range of services to online and multimedia companies and projects. We will edit, proof-read or translate your website or software so that its quality stands out from the rest. We also provide website design and copy-writing services to improve both the text and the look of your site.


everything you need to know about us how to contact us a little aid to help you around our site